The Super Dog Zam's Grief Selfhelp books for children


The untold Burden of childhood grief. 

New national research we conducted shows that one out of seven kids will lose a parent or sibling before the age of 20.

The impact of such loss can be profound, and childhood bereavement is one of our society’s most painful and underestimated phenomena. 

In past generations, the cycle of life and death was understood as a natural part of existence and accepted in many societies. Over time, our silence regarding death has created a culture in which we don’t offer the necessary support to the thousands of children and teenagers who lose parents or siblings during childhood. 

Children who lose loved ones get the message early on that people are uncomfortable talking about their loss, so they suffer in silence. 

If the dying person is a child, parents and siblings are both at a higher risk of psychological trauma and will often need extra support before and after the passing of the child.

If we want to create real cultural changes concerning death and dying, we have to be more educated and change the way we approach this challenging and universal topic.

Knowledge is a platform, which creates opportunities to have better talks and find some peace of mind.

The books in the Super Dog Zam Grief Series offer families with grieving children a self-help tool to use at home. 

The workbooks are target three different age groups: 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 years. 

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Susan and Andy Binau

About Susan Binau
Susan is a motivational speaker, published author, and survivor of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses that changed her perspective on life. 
Her mission is to inspire others through "hands-on tools," educational programs, coaching and self-help books.