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 A child who is experiencing loss of a loved one, especially a parent or sibling, is likely to suffer from depression and permanent ordeal if the situation is not taken care of.

So what can the parent's do?

We don’t always get the help we need when a loved one is dying or has died, and our children are grieving. This sad fact often leaves a lot of families frustrated and lonely. Children will learn how to respond to loss and grief by watching and listening to adults in the family. As an adult, navigating your major life crisis while dealing with a child’s pain at the same time can be very challenging.

To help others, you need to help yourself first. It is, therefore, very helpful for adults to seek additional support and knowledge in understanding their grief process. Doing so will allow adults to understand the child better.

Then, you can help your child grow whole again by acknowledging their loss and by listening to their words. 

Above all else, rely on your instincts and trust in nature.

Grief is a natural part of life, not a disease or something to be afraid of. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s well-being or behavior, please seek professional help.

If you are in need of inspiration & information to support a grieving child, The Super Dog Zam: Parent’s Guide is for you.

The Super Dog Zam: Parent’s Guide was written to help you understand just that. Inspired by many children and families who shared their personal grief stories with the author, the Parent’s Guide is:

A resource for understanding how children grieve;

Inspiration for adults who wish to help grieving children and families;
Coping with loss is like anything else in this world: the more we know, and the more tools we have at hand, the easier it will be to navigate and make decisions to help others. Let this book guide you to become a child’s lifeline in grief.

The Parent's Guide to helping children cope with the loss of a loved one.

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