How to Pump up For Happiness

How to Pump up For Happiness

The Road of Life will be filled with many potholes, and we will undoubtedly struggle to negotiate obstacles as we travel that road. 

Whenever I need to make decisions or evaluate my life; I always ask myself two questions:

  • What is the purpose of this experience?
  • How can I learn from it and grow as a human being?

Stepping back and looking at things from a helicopter perspective had always saved my sanity before, and it just felt right for me.

My roadmap to "Happiness."

Every Time life throws me a curveball I follow these simple rules that have now become my roadmap to happiness:

  • Exercise and eat healthy during the weekdays.
  • Have fun on the weekends.
  • Spend time with positive people.
  • Pray every night.
  • Expand my circle of friends.
  • Shrink that circle too. No more negative people in my inner circle.
  • Volunteering: giving back is healing the soul.
  • Speak my truth and live it. 
  • Be present and mindful.
  • Improve my education and life skills.

Every day is precious. I know for sure I’m trying to make the best of everything that happens to me. 

I invite you to do the same!

Blissful greetings from sunshine state



About Susan Binau

Susan is a motivational speaker, published author, and survivor of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses that changed her perspective on life. 
Her mission is to inspire others through "hands-on tools," educational programs, coaching and self-help books.