Susan Binau - CV

Biographical Details

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Resides: Celebration, FL, USA
Mother of four children: Christina, Malene, Christian and Andy, one daughter in law, Carrie and proud grandmother to Olivia Rae.



Core Competencies

My strengths and reputation are grounded in early successes with startup projects that required innovative thinking, strategic planning, networking to build diverse teams, and strong leadership initiative. By building on those experiences, I have embraced opportunities to leverage my drive and initiative to benefit boards on which I served as a member, leadership and mentoring programs that I developed, professional networking programs, and charity and volunteer organizations that I have founded or worked on behalf of.

Professional Experience

2014 - present: Founder Soulcare Group, Inc. Florida. 

Soulcare Group is a media company that develops online educational programs and concepts, including Global Voices of Change. 

Providing motivational speaking engagements, lectures and workshops to organizations worldwide.

2014 - Present: Founder SerenityGate Foundaton. 

Developing tools and self-help books to support children in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one. Collarborating with non-profit organizations, hospitals, hospices and schools. 

2009 - 2015.  Global Concept Developer, Klovedal Invest, Fl. USA.

Conducting research, Authoring books and developing tools that are supporting families with children who are dealing with terminal illness, death and loss.

Creating global awareness through media campaigns and lobbyism.


Summery 1987 - 2009.

Human Resource Development positions​. Partner in business ventures.

2006 -2009 Co founder and Partner Vfactor 
2005-2006 Freelance Consultant AS3 Companies
2002-2004 Human Resource Development, Mærsk Medical (a part of AP Møller Mærsk)
1997-2001 Career Consultant, JobVision A/S
1995-1997 Project Manager, Price Waterhouse/IKO
1987-1994 CEO, Bonnor Communication

Founding & Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Vfactor A/S
Co-founded the company Vfactor A/S, the culmination of long term vision, planning, and execution by my business partner and myself. 

Developed new educational concepts including “Value Academy” and “Charter Academy", programs designed to build a strong mentor network of CEOs from prominent companies
Succeeded in expanding, within only a few years, Vfactor’s client-base and network to some of Denmark’s largest corporations (AP Møller Mærsk, Bayer, Pfizer, Lego, Microsoft)
Established, maintained, and nurtured a professional network of female leaders who had achieved certification in our leadership programs.

Female Courage Foundation

I Founded the Female Courage Foundation in 2010, with the vision of building a strong network of business women who would support and mentor younger female professionals. After successfully initiating this effort with fundraisers and programs in Copenhagen, I transitioned leadership of the foundation to Tina Joensen so that I could focus on patient and family advocacy.

Founded Landsforeningen Omsorgspiloterne

I founded the Danish charity Compassionate Pilots/ Stoette Foer Afskeden in 2011 together with the internationally awarded composer Niels Eje, CEO of Musicure and a team of voulanteers. 

Key contributions

Business strategy, Developing tools and selfhelp books to support terminally ill families, Spokesperson.

Awards and Accolades

  • USA 2014/2015. Honored as Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)
  • Canada 2012: Honored as an “alumna of the World Hub for Women Leaders” by a Celebration of Women, Canada
  • Denmark 2009: Vfactor A/S received the inaugural North Zealand Business Award in recognition of progressive leadership programs

Book Series

The Caring Soul Series, is a collection of four inspirational self-help books, which are based on true stories and focus on people dealing with challenging life experiences ranging from serious illness through death and grieving.  

  • Mommy Can I Call You in Heaven - how we coped with cancer as a family
  • The Art of Dying - writing your own final chapter
  • Parents Guide - how to support a grieving child
  • Till Sickness Do Us Apart 

The Super Dog ZAM Grief series includes:

  • The Super Dog ZAM – a helping paw for grieving children ( 3 - 5  years)
  • The Super Dog ZAM – a helping pal for grieving children (6 - 8  years)
  • The Super Dog ZAM -  a companion for grieving children ( 9 - 12 year)

Other publications

  • Dignity in the final hours – An inspirational guide for relatives of a the terminally ill and dying person
  • How to Use the Super Dog Zam Grief Books

My Inventions

  • AngelKIT™: a donation that is offered to support dying patients and the people who love and help them in their final stages of life.
  • HeartPackage: a donation to support children (age 5 to 12) who are hospitalized or spending time at hospitals because they are losing a loved one.

Through hospitals in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Island and the United States, these two packages have reached and helped more than 10.000 families.


Board Membership

2011 – 2016              Chairman of the Board, Compassion Pilots, Denmark

2006 – 2009              Chairman of the Board, Klovedal Invest

2006 – 2009              Board Member, Vfactor, Inc.

2002 – 2003              Advisory Board Member, DPU International College

2002 – 2003              Marketing Board Member, DPU International College


  • M.A. Adult Education and Human Resource Development, University of Roskilde (RUC))
  • P.D. (Bachelor) Educational planner (Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitet)
  • Adult Teaching, Teaching degree (Danmarks Lærerhøjskole)
  • Marketing degree (Hillerod Handelsskole) 

Other education and certifications

  • Certified, Cognitive behavioral and psychological testing: MBTI, JTI, Belbin Team Roles, OPQ, 5 Factor Mode 
  • Certified, Florida Hospital Hospice Care, 2012
  • Commissioned Stephen Minister, Presbyterian Church, 2014

Local Volunteer Contributions

  • Community Hope Center, Osceola County - greeting the homeless
  • Stephen Minister, "one to one" care for people in life crises
  • Co-facilitator of a Grief Group for Children (GH4K)


Peter Pruzan, Doctor, Econ, Ph.D., Professor of Management at the Copenhagen Business School
Susan possesses an excellent combination of 'hard' and ‘ soft ' skills as a leader; she is tenacious and fearless, while she is deeply empathetic and selfless - loving. By drawing on this combination of skills and her own experiences during and after serious illness, she has created some very unique innovative international charities, books and tools.

Catherine Anne Clark, CEO & Founder of Women in Action, Canada
Susan Binau was selected from hundreds of international women leaders for this year's ' Woman in Action ' prize. She is a pioneer in her field and has shown courage and vigor both by work in a taboo area and by founding and running the charity in several countries. Susan has spent years developing new methods and tools that can support families who are facing terminal illness and loss of a loved one. We are proud that Susan Binau is part of our global network.

Melissa McNeil, Florida, Creative Advertising Brain, Professional Marketing Strategy & Sales Trainer and Smart Travel Girl
Susan has always brought creative energy and passion to all of her work. She is a natural born leader and I am sure that her efforts within her charities will redeem comfort and grace to all of those who receive it.

Jette Clausen, Experienced Communications and HR manager (A.P. Moller–Maersk Group); leadership program (led by Susan Binau) attendee:
Susan is the most engaging and reliable person, who manages to both educate and involve people in her presentations and speeches.

Mikkel Stjernberg, Founder & CCO at BLIND SPOT, Journalist
Susan Binau is a force of nature with an energy level beyond this world. Her honest compassion for other human beings and her ability to think truly big makes her an extremely competent person when it comes to making a difference in the world. She is an example of how far a single person can reach with a loving heart, a sharp mind, and a strong will.