Personal Branding - the first impression last

First impressions LAST

Not too long ago, I found myself scrolling through my LinkedIn connections. As the list of familiar faces and names went by, I started to wonder why so many had chosen to use low-quality pictures. We are talking about people in leaders and manager positions, public profiles and several with huge followings. It just made me a bit curious. 

Was their choice of picture on purpose? 

Optimize your personal brand!

On one side these leaders have a great job and lots of followers, so it doesn't seem to matter, on the other hand, why aren’t they using LinkedIn as an opportunity to optimize and advertise their brand, showing themselves as the professionals they are?

More recently, a friend of mine was job hunting and didn’t seem to be having any luck. As we talked about it, I could tell she was frustrated – even before she confessed that she didn’t know what to do next.

When I looked at her LinkedIn profile, it all made sense to me. I worked with her to make a few corrections to her CV, update tags, and add a much better quality profile picture. Immediately after, headhunters began to show interest. Two months later, she was thrilled with her new job as a Disney manager.

Your online profile and your photo are telling us a story and first impressions (often) LAST!

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Susan is a motivational speaker, published author, and survivor of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses that changed her perspective on life. 
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