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Susan Binau Public Speaker, Author and Peak Performance Coach

Cancer Survivor Paying it Forward 


"As a survivor of several life-threatening illnesses, and living through my third "second chance", every day is an opportunity to make a difference"

I am a visionary dreamer with entrepreneurial genes, who's passion is to empower, inspire, and uplift others by sharing my story, and by developing tools, educational programs and self-help books.


Peter Pruzan, Doctor, Econ, Ph.D., Professor of Management at the Copenhagen Business School

Susan possesses an excellent combination of 'hard' and ‘ soft ' skills as a leader; she is tenacious and fearless, while she is deeply empathetic and selfless - loving. By drawing on this combination of skills and her own experiences during and after serious illness, she has created some very unique innovative international charities, books and tools.


Catherine Anne Clark, CEO & Founder of Women in Action, Canada

Susan Binau was selected from hundreds of international women leaders for this year's ' Woman in Action ' prize. She is a pioneer in her field and has shown courage and vigor both by work in a taboo area and by founding and running the charity in several countries. Susan has spent years developing new methods and tools that can support families who are facing terminal illness and loss of a loved one. We are proud that Susan Binau is part of our global network.

"Susan Binau is recognized as an NAPW VIP Woman of the Year for her outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession."