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How I am using my second chance

When I was diagnosed with stage-three colon cancer, and the possibility of leaving my children behind, I went through the worst emotional storm of my life.  Coping with cancer, while being there for my four children (the youngest only two years old), was beyond challenging.  The lack of resources available for families in our situation made me promise to pay it forward if I was given a second chance.
For the past nine years, I have dedicated my life to helping families affected by terminal illness and grief.  I developed programs and tools that have supported more than 10,000 families in five countries. This would not have been possible without an amazing team of caring people, my family, my friends and warmhearted professionals.
We continue our mission through SerenityGate Foundation.  Our vision is to donate tools to every grieving child in the United States through awareness and education.  Together, we can reduce the unspoken burden of childhood grief.  This is our goal.  This is our mission.
Susan Binau
Mother, Cancer Survivor, Founder of SerenityGate Foundation

"Susan Binau is recognized as an NAPW VIP Woman of the Year for her outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession."


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